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July 2020

Burn Advisories

There are no burn advisories at this time for Washington County. It is illegal in the state of Arkansas to burn trash! Only burning yard waste is permitted.


The Wheeler Volunteer Fire Department was created in 1980. We now have 7 fire apparatus and 25 certified volunteer firefighters most of whom are first responders, EMT’s, or Paramedic’s. These volunteers are your neighbors, friends, and colleagues. We respond on all fire emergencies, medical emergencies, and motor vehicle accidents.

In 2013 our membership process will change. There was a special election held in July 2012 where the residents voted in favor of placing our annual membership on a persons real estate statement. This will add a line item on your real estate tax statement and show a $40 payment going to the Wheeler Fire Department. This is not a tax, this is simply an easier way for the fire department to handle our billing, helps the members remember to pay their membership, and lets people new to the area know that there is a membership to be paid. This will start showing up on your real estate tax statement in early 2013.

While being a member of the fire department is not required, should there be a fire emergency at your residence or caused by a fire that you had on your property, and you are not a member, you will receive a bill of up to $5,000. The membership dues are one of the only sources of funding that the fire department has. Another benefit of being a member is, with an ISO Rating of 5/5X, in some cases will lower your insurance premiums. This membership should be kept on all habitable structures.

Address Sign
Our department offers a two sided address sign with reflective numbers. This can be purchased for $25. Simply print the form below and mail it attention New Address Sign to the address at the bottom of this page. When the sign is ready we will contact you to arrange pickup of the sign.

Please note the price of the sign is $25, the form shows $15 which is incorrect. We are working to correct this.

New Address Sign Form

Contact Information
Mailing Address: 6946 West Wheeler Road
Fayetteville, AR 72704

Phone: 479-443-7274

Fax: 479-443-2732